Monday, 15 July 2019

Curvy Chic Bridal Store

What is the one big dream most young girls have? 

To be married is probably the most common answer! Well as a child and teenager I was always terrified of the idea of marriage and the main reason for this was my size.

I have always been on the larger size and you only ever see slim beautiful brides in magazines and on TV. You never see a plus size bride in magazines and this was always my fear as a teen that I would never be able to buy a plus size wedding dress. As I got older the fear stuck and when I met my partner Chris I started looking around for plus size dresses.

This was such a bad idea as there simply wasn't anything out there and I put the whole marriage idea to the very back of my mind and hoped it would never happen.

Thankfully one amazing lady noticed the issue us bigger ladies face and decided to do something about it. Rebecca Bryson is the founder and creator of N.I 's Curvy Chic Bridal, which is a boutique that caters exclusively for plus size brides. Rebecca started her bridal shop 3 years ago and traded from a house. As demand grew, Curvy Chic needed to relocate and Rebecca has just recently opened her first store in Belfast.

I was very kindly invited along to the launch party and got to have a little peek around the store before it officially opened to the public the following day. As a now bride to be all my worries and fears as a teen have now vanished and I cannot wait to look for my wedding dress. 

Curvy Chic Bridal is located on the Holywood Road in Belfast and its very easy to find, it also has parking out side the store and a car park to the rear so you don't have to worry about a big long walk to get to the store. 

The store front is just beautiful and has various bride and bridesmaid dresses along with mother of the bride/groom outfits in the window. Also on display in the store window is handbags and shoes. The shop looks nice and inviting from the outside.

On entering the store you are greeted with a nice large shop that isn't crowded or all squashed in. There is lots of space for us bigger bodied people to get around and not be banging into everything. This is a big plus for me as I often feel confined and claustrophobic in shops.

There are rows and rows of bride dresses to look through and they have a dress to suit all budgets, from a couple of hundred pounds to a couple of thousand pounds. There is definitely a huge selection to choose from. 

Curvy Chic stocks lots of different bridal dresses from brands such as:

Studio Levana
Michelle Bridal
Roz La Kelin
Pronovias White One
Venus Bridal
White Rose 

At the Launch we were shown around the new store and it is honestly so funky and cool. The store used to be an Ulster Bank and Rebecca decided to keep some of the original features and use these to make the store unique. One way this store stands out and is so very special is that the old bank vault is now used as a luxurious viewing room, so family and friends will sit in the revamped vault and the bride to be will enter to show her dress off. How awesome is that!!

Not only does Curvy Chic cater for brides it also caters for mother of the bride/groom and bridesmaids. There is a section of various dresses and colours and again prices to suit everyone. Curvy Chic's bridesmaid dresses range from a size 6-44. So you can sort the whole bridal party in one store.

There are bridesmaid and mother of the bride/groom dresses available from brands such as:

Penguin Designs
Curvy Chic Designs
Angel B Bridesmaid
Kristen Krig

Curvy Chic also has a selection of shoes, shoe clips, head pieces, bags and jewellery. The store really does have everything you need for that special day below one roof. I have now booked in to go up and try on some dresses and find the one and I cannot wait. The changing rooms are nice and large and easily accessible. 

Something I never thought I would be excited for was going to look for my dress but now I know I have such a huge choice of dresses and super helpful staff to guide me in the right direction that i cannot wait to get trying on.

If you are a plus size lady and are getting married, attending a wedding or even have a prom/special occasion and you need a fancy dress, honestly pop in and see the team at Curvy Chic Bridal and you wont walk away disappointed. 

You can find out more about the store or have a nosy over at the dresses on Curvy Chic website which you can find at Over there you can also book your bridal appointments. 

Lots Of Love..

Victoria xx 

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