Monday, 4 March 2019

Dotty Diamond Is Back! Where Have I Been?

Remember me... Yes I am still here however it has been months since I last published a blog post. So what's been happening in my life, why have I not been posting and why am I now back.

Well the number one reason why I hadn't been active and writing posts was my health. As a lot of you will know I suffer with multiple health conditions and diseases and the last 9 months these have all got a lot worse to the point I lost all interest in blogging. 

Then back in October last year (2018) I found out I have insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes. This was a big shock to the system as I went into my appointment with my dermatologist thinking it was just a routine appointment to be told I am now diabetic and I had to start finger pricking and recording results and taking daily injections. It made sense when I looked into it as I had an awful lot of the symptoms of  it but no one had picked up on it until my dermatologist decided to run full bloods and check. 

I am now thankfully a lot better and my sugar levels are soo much better, which has helped with a lot of my other health conditions. So even though my health still isn't great it is a lot better than what it was, here's hoping this time next year I will be like a new girl.

The next reason why I haven't been active is that I simply fell out of love with blogging and lost my way. I questioned myself and why anyone would be interested in what I write or have to say. In my head I felt silly and stupid that I would write a post as people would just laugh at me or think what I was writing was a lot of rubbish. Only recently have I got back into a decent headspace and if 1 person or 100 people read my posts it doesn't matter, as long as I enjoy writing them then that's a good enough reason to keep going.

And that's really where I have been in my own little bubble of ill physical and mental health and feeling not good enough. 

But I am in such a better place now, I have all these ideas in my head again and I just want to write blog posts again. I feel excited about blogging again and having my own little space to write about what I love. This year I am going to be focusing on me and what makes me a better person so be expecting lots of new posts.

I hope you have all been well and thank you soo much to everyone who has supported me and who continue to. I appreciate you all <3

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx


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