Wednesday, 13 June 2018

NI Blogger Brunch

NI Blogger Brunch is a fab event organised and ran by Cathy Martin from CMPR. Cathy puts together a fun filled event where bloggers/vloggers/youtubers/influencers etc all meet up and talk all things social media, share their tips and tricks and also introduce themselves to others.

I had always wanted to attend the Blogger Brunch but was always busy on the days it was held, that was until the latest Brunch which was held on Sunday 20th May in Cast and Crew Belfast.

I was rather nervous as I had never been there before but as I knew some of the girls going it wasn't just so bad. The Blogger Brunch is open to anyone in the online world and its nice to know that everyone who attends has a similar interest.

So I met Gillian (Eyelinerflicks) and we walked in, we were greeted by Cathy who told us to go grab a drink and collect our name tags. We were treated to a very unique drink of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with sparkling water.

The company who makes the Apple Cider Vinegar is called Natural Umber and is based in Dungannon Co.Tyrone. I had never tried it before but I have read and heard a lot of reviews about how good it is for gut health and skin etc. I have to say it wasn't something I found overly nice but as I had no food or drink before hand I think that was why. We were very kindly gifted a bottle to try at home and I am going to try include it in my diet by mixing it in soups/salads etc.
The name tags we were given were soo beautiful. They were all handmade and written in a stunning Rose Gold lettering with black for the surname. I am a sucker for anything personalised and when they are as pretty as these were I don't know how anyone couldn't like them. The company that makes the tags is called Scribed in Style and can be found on Instagram.

As it was a rather cold and wet morning we moved inside and took our seat, Cast and Crew is such a nice venue. It is rather small and as there were over 70 of us it was a tight squeeze but the staff could not have been better. They were soo friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Cathy took to the mic and got things kicked off, we talked about things happening in social media at the moment and were all given a yummy breakfast of overnight oats, yoghurt and berries. We talked some more and next thing a second breakfast dish came out, this time we had Cumberland eggs and sausage on bread with avocado. I have to say it was the nicest eggs I have ever tasted Cast and Crew really know how to keep their customers happy.

We then all had the opportunity to stand up and introduce ourselves or share something we found useful in the blogging world. Some of the people who spoke really inspired me I had been in a bit of a rut with my blog recently and had almost fallen out of love with it. But listening to their stories really set a fire off in my belly.

As if we hadn't had enough food we were then treated to a delicious BBQ which was supplied by Artisan Finnebrogue and Irwin's bread. Artisan Finnebrogue is another local company based in Downpatrick. Artisan Finnebrogue is a company that produce food without the E numbers, without nitrites and without allergens. I had never tried their food before but it was delicious. They also treated us to a fab goodie bag which contained sausages and bacon. I tried both out and they were delicious. Irwin bread also gifted us some potato farls which went down a treat too.

Then for dessert Morelli's ice cream were on hand and gave us all a choice of what flavour of ice cream we wanted and then any toppings we wanted... I really was in heaven I went for salted caramel ice cream with oreo pieces and a fudge stick. By this stage we were all extremely full up on yummy treats. Cathy really does put so much effort into making sure everyone has a magnificent day out.

We also were extremely spoiled with a fab goodie bag from Iconic Bronze and a beautiful necklace from Wisteria London. I think you will agree from the pictures just how much fun the day was.


I cannot wait to attend the next Blogger Brunch's as it really gave me that warm feeling in my belly I get when blogging.
Lots Of Love..
Victoria xx