Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara Review

I am guessing that you will have seen something about this mascara already as the lead up to the launch was crazy. They had space woman dressed head to toe in pink suits in and around the country, loads of press pictures and basically a huge build up all to do with space.

I have to admit I thought the new product would be a collection or some base products for the face, because of their already much sought after mascara's this was the last thing I thought it would be.

However when they finally revealed this new mascara it made sense as to the whole space theme. In case you don't know this mascara took 4 years to get the formula right, it contains aero-particles which is one of the lightest known materials derived from space technology and it has a special 'slimpact' brush which is basically a super bendy wand with different sizes bristles.

The Badgal Bang mascara claims to be smudge proof, water resistant and also volumising . Along with this it contains ProVitamin B5 known to fuel thickness & strength.

As I was on the look out for a new mascara I decided to pick this up and give it a go, I have to admit I didn't really like any of Benefit's other mascara's but with the claims of fuller and thicker lashes I knew I had to try Badgal Bang.

The first thing I noticed about this mascara is the packaging , it is in a lovely matte tube with a bubbled top, it has a really high end feel. The mascara tube is actually really heavy and when you open and close it there is a little click so that you know it is closed fully. I really liked this as sometimes you can leave the top open a little and then air gets in and dries the product out.

So would this mascara live up to all the hype... the actual mascara is a lot runnier and thinner than I thought , I was thinking it would be a thicker constancy. The brush is fantastic it is nice and small and makes getting right into the root of the lash soo easy. The wand also gets thinner to thicker making getting into those corner lashes perfectly.

I noticed a big difference with just one application, I didn't need to dip in for more product to do my bottom lashes, there was more than enough on the wand. The mascara applies soo well because of the wand and also the constancy is so easy to work with. My lashes were a lot longer and definitely pitch black which I like.

It almost looked like I had applied some liner to my lash line as the mascara gets right into the root. If you don't like extremely black mascara you wont like this, they will hopefully bring out more colours in time.

I let the first application dry and then added a second... it have to say my lashes did get a little clumped.. which personally I don't mind but they were almost spidery, if you like your lashes all fanned out then I don't think you would like this mascara.

You probably could layer it up even more but two layers had my lashes full of volume and length that I didn't try anymore.

Finally the mascara claims to have 36 hour wear, I decided to put this to the test and slept in my mascara!! Yes I know how bad this is but I really wanted to test Benefit's claims out . The mascara actually held up really well, there was little to no smudging and it didn't go flaky at all. At the end of the 36 hours my eyes did feel disguising and scratchy but I think any mascara would do this after the amount of time.

Overall I was extremely impressed with the Badgal Bang mascara, I have had lots of people compliment my lashes asking if they were false and also saying how long they were. I am blessed to have naturally curly lashes but if you curled them and applied this mascara I think it would be stunning.

You can get this mascara in loads of different shops and also online at the minute, if you are on the lookout for a mascara with noticeable results I would 100% recommend you pick it up.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx


  1. Oh wow! This looks great! So volumising! Xx

    1. It is my new favourite, I am totally impressed with it xx