Monday, 27 November 2017

Plus Size Christmas Clothing

Christmas is coming and being a plus size girl it can be hard to feel festive as we can't just go to the likes of Primark or Tesco for a nice novelty jumper. Instead Christmas clothes are usually really over priced and don't look overly festive. A lot of stores stock up to around a size 18/20 but a lot of us plus size lovelies are above that.
However this year I am soo glad to say companies have made some really nice plus size pieces... I have my eye on so many nice items... what I also have found is, companies are now making plus size t-shirts, leggings , pyjamas etc... Finally all us bigger ladies can feel festive in everything we wear :)
Below I have picked out my favourite 10 items from various different shops :)
Simply Be
Christmas Puppy Jumper
Yours Clothing
Black Sequin Embellished Fine Knit Christmas Novelty Jumper
Black Prosecco Sequin Jumper
Simply Be
Christmas Candy Leggings
Simply Be
Elf Christmas Legging Set
Yours Clothing
Black & Multi Christmas Gingerbread Man Longline Swing Top
Navy Blue Robin Print Glitter T-Shirt
Simply Be
Robin Mistletoe T-Shirt
Yours Clothing
Black & Red "Puddy Cat" Christmas Pudding Print Pyjama Set
Simply Be
French Bulldog Santa Pocket T-Shirt
So there we have it... as you can see this year the plus size clothing is fab... so many nice prints and designs. What is your favourite?
Ooh and since it is Christmas I couldn't not include this -
Yours Clothing
Red Christmas Santa Skater Dress With Faux Fur Trim
Hope you all enjoyed my top Christmas picks.
Lots of Love..
Victoria xx

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

DHC Japanese Beauty Products

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Japanese beauty has been taking the world by storm. From their bubbling face masks to there sheet masks, everyone is raving about Japanese products.

So of course when I got a little delivery in through the door I couldn't wait to try it out. I was very kindly sent 4 different products from the brand DHC which is off course a Japanese brand. I had tried some of their products before and got on well with them so was pleased to get the chance to try more.

I had received DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil, Lip Cream, Oil Blotting Paper and finally Olive Virgin Oil Cotton Swabs. This was a fantastic mix of products and as always I like to try everything out for a while before giving my review. 

First up we have the deep cleansing oil, I have tried the cleanser over a couple of months as my skin is very problematic so I wanted to try it with different skin complaints. I do this with most skin products as it may work when my skin is dry but not oily, so I like to take my time and give it a good try.

The cleansing oil is fab, it really is brilliant. I used to be scared to use oils on my face as I was scared that they would leave me really shiny and greasy. Some of them do leave a horrible residue on your skin but this isn't one of them. It does exactly what is says on the bottle, it takes makeup off soo easily. It doesn't sting or annoy my eyes and face and it is so easily washed off. It also left my skin feeling super clean and nicely hydrated. All a plus in my eyes.

I found it worked best when my skin was a little bit more oily but that can be expected as when my skins dry product clings to it. If you are looking for a lovely gentle cleanser then I definitely would recommend trying this out.

Next up I tried the Lip cream. Again it is a lovely product to use, its hydrating and moisturising on the lips and comes in a handy little tube that is perfect for your handbag. The only down side to this product would be that is doesn't have great staying power and I found myself having to re-apply it alot throughout the day. But as it isn't overly expensive I didn't mind as I wasn't wasting a lot of expensive product.

Then on to the oil blotting paper. I had seen these papers by different brands but never really needed to use them, I would never get that oily or shiny as my skin is usually dry so I never purchased them. To test these blotting papers out I didn't powder my face and went about my daily life, some natural oils finally came through and I got to test them that way. They worked perfect and took away my shine without taking off my makeup. If you are really oily and use blotting paper then again I would definitely give them a go.

Finally I tested out the olive virgin oil cotton swabs. Some companies have there own version of these and I had seen them but never tried them so I was really looking forward to see if the hype is worth it. Basically what they are is a cotton swab/Q tip filled with a liquid.. you then bend the swab in half and the liquid is released out into the cotton tip. They are basically for fixing up any makeup mistakes you have made eg around the eye, so instead of having to find something to put product on you have it all in one handy little swab. It is a great idea and the olive virgin oil swabs worked very well, it fixed my liner mistakes quickly and didn't make my makeup run all over my eye.

I have to say my favourite items were the deep cleansing oil and the olive virgin oil cotton swabs. They were both really effective, worked quickly and didn't upset my skin.

I am soo impressed with the DHC brand, I have yet to try any of their products and not like them, I may have to try some more Japanese beauty in the future.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

** Although the products were kindly gifted to me, all opinions and words are my own. I was not paid or asked to write this.