Friday, 30 June 2017

Music for the Soul

Hello Diamonds

I decided to write a post a little different to my norm... Most of my blog posts are all beauty or events that I have been to or new releases.

Soo... for this post I have decided to share the songs that get me threw my hard times... the songs that speak to me on another level.

Music has always been a massive part of my life. When I'm sad I listen to it, happy I listen to it, depressed I listen to it. It is always there even if its just for back ground noise. I even have a little treble clef tattoo on my ankle as a reminder how important it is in my life.

I'm sure we all have important songs to us, yenno the ones that when you hear it, you are right back in a situation or a memory just comes flooding back. So I have decided to share my top 10 songs that mean the most to me. Some of these songs have a sad reason behind them and other the lyrics just make sense.

1. Coldplay - Yellow - This songs means the most to me, as when I hear it I think of my Granda there are lots of personal reasons behind it, and its just our song.

2. Foo Fighters - Best Of You -  This song is again VERY important to me, the lyrics of it mean so much to me and its like the song was written for me.

3. Paloma Faith -  Just Be -  This is just one of them songs that you cant help sing along to. I adore Paloma and the lyrics are just magicial.

4. Florence and the machines - Sweet Nothing - This song just makes me want to dance, it brings back such good memories of some of the best nights out.

5. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child - Again this song just puts me in such a good mood, another one that has happy memories.

6. Audioslave - Like a stone - Chris introduced me to this band and this song is just one where the lyrics speak to me. I love screaming along it too lol.

7. Tiesto - Adagio For Strings - This is just an anthem, one of the first dance songs I fell in love with and again has that feel good factor every time I hear it.

8. Aerosmith - Beautiful - This is a special song to me and Christopher and just makes me think of him everytime I hear it <3

9. London Grammer  - Wasting My Young Years - This is another song where the lyrics just mean so much, the vocals on this song are outstanding.

10. Macklemore - Can't Hold us - This song makes me think of being at Radio 1's Big Weekend with my brother so again a very special song to me.

So there we have the 10 most important songs to me ... I could easily pick another 10 but if you enjoyed this sort of post I will do another one similar.

What I want to know is.. Do you have a special song that has special memories? I would love to know what it is :)


Lots of Love...

Victoria Xx

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Kiss Summer Party

Hey Diamonds

I was very kindly invited to the Kiss Summer Party on the rooftop of the Merchant Hotel in Belfast the other day. I have tried the kiss nails before for weddings etc and really liked them so I was super excited to be invited.

I can hands down say it was one of the best events I have ever been to, not only because of the products but the atmosphere was fab. Everyone was soo friendly and it was great to meet so many other blogger gals from Northern Ireland.

I had never been to the merchant before however lots of my friends have so I had an idea of what it was like. However I have to admit I wasn't expecting the staff to be just so professional, nothing was a bother for any of them, they all had a smile on their face and were eager to make sure we all had a good night. It was the perfect venue for the event and I would definitely go their in the future.

Now on to the actual event, what an amazing night. We all had the opportunity to get our lashes and nails done by a very talented team of girls and the amazing Paddy McGurgan was on hand as well helping us all get glammed up.

The girls at Alex Silver PR could not have been any nicer every one of the team made time to speak to us all individually and made us feel very special. Their was a relaxed atmosphere and the night was full of laughs and getting to know each other.

We were treated to a very VERY generous goodie bag filled with some amazing kiss lashes and nails. I am terrible with putting on my own lashes but I am now going to give it another go and try to wear them more often as their lashes are soo easy to wear, they are so lightweight and you really wouldn't know they were on your eyes.

I must admit I felt like a million dollars walking out of the venue with my lashes and nails, it was the little pick me up I needed.

I really hope the girls from Alex Silver come back over to visit us soon as they were just the nicest bunch of girls you could meet.

I will finish by leaving some pictures of the night below. I am still on a little high and it has helped me find my blogging mojo, I feel really inspired and back in the game.

Some of the lovely Northern Ireland Bloggers
Yummy Food for us all :)
The Lashes I tried out .. they were so nice on
 Just some of the Lashes for us to choose from... the choice was a hard one I must admit!
Some more of the Products
The lovely impress nails I went for :)
Lots of Love...

Victoria xx