Tuesday, 25 April 2017

I have lost my Blogging Mojo

Hi Everyone

So I just thought I would come on really quickly and let you all know I am ok but I haven't had a blog post out as ages because I have just lost my spark... I have loads of post that are half written but when I go to finish them... I go blank.

Its so frustrating as when I go to bed at night I have all these ideas and write blog posts word for word in my head, but then in the morning I cant remember a thing.

I never set out to have blog posts weekly or anything but it is horrible when I know what I want to do but just can't do it. I wanted to post a lot more regularly and recently if I manage to get one blog post out a month I'm doing well.

I never talk about how I'm feeling, on snapchat I would let people see a little bit of how my days are going but in all honesty this has been a really crappy year so far...

The year has just been month after month of sadness, death of loved ones and poor health. As the year started I knew how I wanted my year to go and its went the total opposite, which for me is hard as I like to have a routine and follow it.

I'm not writing this post for sympathy or for anyone to feel sorry for me... I just wanted to say sorry for not being as active as I would like to be and I hope you all understand.

I started blogging mainly as a distraction for poor health and at the start it was great. When I was sick and couldn't get out to bed I found writing a good way to take my mind of it. However this past couple of months I have lost myself and need to find that spark to make me fall in love with it all over again.

If any of you have ever felt the same way I would love to know how you got yourself back on track and how you found your mojo again, cause at the minute I'm really finding it difficult.

I am hoping in a couple of weeks all will be back to normal and I will have lots of new posts for you all to read.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

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