Friday, 13 January 2017

DHC Eye Masks

Hello Everyone

Firstly Happy New Year.. I cant believe we are nearly into the middle of the month already!

So my first review of 2017 is a beautiful product from the Japanese brand DHC. A good time ago I was very kindly sent these out to try and see what I thought of them.  I have tried them 5 times, each time I have made sure my skin is different.

By that I simply mean 1 time I tried them on dry skin, next time on oily skin etc. In the pack there are 6 sets of the eye masks and they come stuck together, to use them all you do is pull them apart and stick them around your eye area.

DHC's eye masks cover the entire eye area to help with a lot of different concerns, from eyelid puffiness and laughter lines to under eye bags and dark circles.  The creamy formula on each eye pad contains olive fruit oil to add moisture and hyaluronic acid to provide deep hydration and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The packet that the mask comes in have clear easy to read instructions which make applying the masks fool proof. All you have to do is take one set out of the little box/packet, pull them apart and stick them around your eye area... then lie back and relax.

I have to say these were easy to wear as your actual eye isn't covered so it is still easy to see, and because the product is more of a cream formula it isn't messy or sticky, which makes using the DHC eye masks easy to use anywhere.

I have to admit as soon as I took the mask off my eye and rubbed in the leftover, my eye area was super hydrated and soft. I was really impressed.

HOWEVER... within about an hour my eyes felt just the same as they were before. I thought it was my skin the first time, but every time I have tried them this has happened. It as if the product just disappears from your skin as if it had never been on it.

The pack of 6 eye masks are rather expensive at £26.00. I was impressed within half an hour of use, but the effects just didn't last.

Over all I wouldn't purchase this product again, which is disappointing as I really liked how easy they were to use and how you could pop them on and not worry about mess. There are other masks that I have tried and have far better results and are a lot cheaper.

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx