Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Present Idea's For Last Minute Shoppers


I have just checked and there is 11 days till Christmas ... Yip you read that correct.. 11 DAYS!!

How did it roll around soo quick, if feels like just yesterday was summer, but if your like me and you leave things a little late I  have put together some ideas below.

Christmas can be such a stressful time especially if people don't tell us what they would like. My dad is the worst one year he asked for paint brushes ... so there is me looking stupid asking for paint brushes with no idea of size or anything, or the year he asking for a fishing rod... again that was an embarrassing conversation as I had no idea what I was after.

I have included a lot of Northern Ireland / Ireland companies as I think it is soo important to help smaller local businesses at this time of year.

1.  Field Day Candle - Field Day Ireland
2. LMD Master Palette - BPerfect Cosmetics 
3. The Man in the Moon Gift Tin - Lush
4. Love Your Skin Hand and Body Gift Set - Holos
5. Barber Pro Men's Skin Revival Mask Set - Beauty Belle
6. Grey Knitted Mule - Next
7. Oral B Electric Toothbrush - Argos
8. Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette - Urban Decay
9. Pink Bunny Mule Slippers - New Look
 10. Breezy Day Wallet - Story Horse
So there we have it... I have tried to think outside the box for you as its soo easy to get the typical common presents and sometimes its nice to open something different and get an extra special surprise.  
Lots of Love...
Victoria xx

Monday, 27 November 2017

Plus Size Christmas Clothing

Christmas is coming and being a plus size girl it can be hard to feel festive as we can't just go to the likes of Primark or Tesco for a nice novelty jumper. Instead Christmas clothes are usually really over priced and don't look overly festive. A lot of stores stock up to around a size 18/20 but a lot of us plus size lovelies are above that.
However this year I am soo glad to say companies have made some really nice plus size pieces... I have my eye on so many nice items... what I also have found is, companies are now making plus size t-shirts, leggings , pyjamas etc... Finally all us bigger ladies can feel festive in everything we wear :)
Below I have picked out my favourite 10 items from various different shops :)
Simply Be
Christmas Puppy Jumper
Yours Clothing
Black Sequin Embellished Fine Knit Christmas Novelty Jumper
Black Prosecco Sequin Jumper
Simply Be
Christmas Candy Leggings
Simply Be
Elf Christmas Legging Set
Yours Clothing
Black & Multi Christmas Gingerbread Man Longline Swing Top
Navy Blue Robin Print Glitter T-Shirt
Simply Be
Robin Mistletoe T-Shirt
Yours Clothing
Black & Red "Puddy Cat" Christmas Pudding Print Pyjama Set
Simply Be
French Bulldog Santa Pocket T-Shirt
So there we have it... as you can see this year the plus size clothing is fab... so many nice prints and designs. What is your favourite?
Ooh and since it is Christmas I couldn't not include this -
Yours Clothing
Red Christmas Santa Skater Dress With Faux Fur Trim
Hope you all enjoyed my top Christmas picks.
Lots of Love..
Victoria xx

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

DHC Japanese Beauty Products

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Japanese beauty has been taking the world by storm. From their bubbling face masks to there sheet masks, everyone is raving about Japanese products.

So of course when I got a little delivery in through the door I couldn't wait to try it out. I was very kindly sent 4 different products from the brand DHC which is off course a Japanese brand. I had tried some of their products before and got on well with them so was pleased to get the chance to try more.

I had received DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil, Lip Cream, Oil Blotting Paper and finally Olive Virgin Oil Cotton Swabs. This was a fantastic mix of products and as always I like to try everything out for a while before giving my review. 

First up we have the deep cleansing oil, I have tried the cleanser over a couple of months as my skin is very problematic so I wanted to try it with different skin complaints. I do this with most skin products as it may work when my skin is dry but not oily, so I like to take my time and give it a good try.

The cleansing oil is fab, it really is brilliant. I used to be scared to use oils on my face as I was scared that they would leave me really shiny and greasy. Some of them do leave a horrible residue on your skin but this isn't one of them. It does exactly what is says on the bottle, it takes makeup off soo easily. It doesn't sting or annoy my eyes and face and it is so easily washed off. It also left my skin feeling super clean and nicely hydrated. All a plus in my eyes.

I found it worked best when my skin was a little bit more oily but that can be expected as when my skins dry product clings to it. If you are looking for a lovely gentle cleanser then I definitely would recommend trying this out.

Next up I tried the Lip cream. Again it is a lovely product to use, its hydrating and moisturising on the lips and comes in a handy little tube that is perfect for your handbag. The only down side to this product would be that is doesn't have great staying power and I found myself having to re-apply it alot throughout the day. But as it isn't overly expensive I didn't mind as I wasn't wasting a lot of expensive product.

Then on to the oil blotting paper. I had seen these papers by different brands but never really needed to use them, I would never get that oily or shiny as my skin is usually dry so I never purchased them. To test these blotting papers out I didn't powder my face and went about my daily life, some natural oils finally came through and I got to test them that way. They worked perfect and took away my shine without taking off my makeup. If you are really oily and use blotting paper then again I would definitely give them a go.

Finally I tested out the olive virgin oil cotton swabs. Some companies have there own version of these and I had seen them but never tried them so I was really looking forward to see if the hype is worth it. Basically what they are is a cotton swab/Q tip filled with a liquid.. you then bend the swab in half and the liquid is released out into the cotton tip. They are basically for fixing up any makeup mistakes you have made eg around the eye, so instead of having to find something to put product on you have it all in one handy little swab. It is a great idea and the olive virgin oil swabs worked very well, it fixed my liner mistakes quickly and didn't make my makeup run all over my eye.

I have to say my favourite items were the deep cleansing oil and the olive virgin oil cotton swabs. They were both really effective, worked quickly and didn't upset my skin.

I am soo impressed with the DHC brand, I have yet to try any of their products and not like them, I may have to try some more Japanese beauty in the future.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

** Although the products were kindly gifted to me, all opinions and words are my own. I was not paid or asked to write this.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty - Compact Duo Summer Kiss

I love to try new brands that I have never tried before, so when I received a summer compact from the Joan Collins timeless beauty range I couldn't wait to have a play with it.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging... it is truly stunning with a shiny gold front and a little lipstick peeking threw which instantly reminded me on the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick packaging. The compact is made to show the lipstick but close over it so the lipstick doesn't fall out. I loved this as I have had other compact duos and I always lose the lippy.

The Joan Collins compact duos come in two different shades, there is a natural pressed powder and a bronzing powder. When I opened the compact I had received the bronzing powder. I was a little worried as I am so pale a lot of bronzers look really muddy and dirty on my skin, but when I tried it out and swatched it, I had nothing to worry about as it is a nice subtle buildable bronze.

Then onto the lipstick... I have to say the packaging on the lipstick is so luxurious, it feels like a really expensive high end brand and the actual colour of the lippy is to die for! The lipstick is in shade Marilyn and is a gorgeous coral red with a glossy finish. When I tried the lipstick out it glides on to the lips like butter. The colour payoff is unbelievable with just one swipe my lips were covered, so I didn't need to apply lots of product. The lipstick feels soft and moisturising on the lips and I was blown away with the staying power! It lasted for over 5 hours and that was with me eating and drinking!

The First picture is the lipstick and bronzer with flash and the second picture is without flash.

I have to admit the quality of the compact is exquisite it is soo sturdy and pretty, it honestly looks a lot more expensive than what it actually is! The compact retails at only £16.00 and can be purchased at M&S, Joan Collins online, QVC and Urban Retreat.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

*I received these items as a PR sample. ALL opinions and thoughts are my own.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Keris Weir - The Big Hair Do

A couple of weeks ago I was invited up to Keris Weirs salon in Lurgan as she was hosting an evening of entertainment to celebrate 'The Big Hair Do'. This is an event that happens all over the country as salons invite people in and show them their salons and products etc..

So if any of you watched the 'Great British Hairdresser' on E4 then you might recognise the name as Keris won the show :)

Moving onto the actual night itself. I arrived in plenty of time thankfully as I couldn't find the place and drove up and down the road about 10 times, but after a couple of messages to my blogger pals I discovered it was down a side alley. Typical me I am never prepared and just hope that sat nav takes me right to the door lol.

I seen another blogger head in so I quickly followed her in, as soon as we went in the door we were greeted and asked if we would like a drink. As I was driving I opted for a fruit shoot, how rock and roll!

The salon itself is beautiful, and somewhere that I would definitely go based on décor, it is a mix of greens and black. Yep my inner dark side loves it!

Soon the event was underway and we were first of all shown how to do an Australian Blow Dry, this is quite time consuming so perfect if you are getting someone to do it for you, but to do it yourself at home I don't think I would be able to do it. Suppose any excuse for a salon visit ;)

Keris talked us through stage by stage and talked to us about how to care for your hair and the best brushes to use. I actually didn't realise that you should never brush your hair when it is soaking wet and instead you should blast dry it 70% dry first!

Next up we grabbed some food which I have to admit was delicious, and played about with the selfie mirror, I really do love those mirrors but I will never be able to get a flattering photo from it. Some of the girls make it look soo easy.


Then onto the makeup section of the night where the lovely Zoe talked us through some of the best products to use, she then showed us how to contour the lips and finally talked to us about eyelash extensions. Zoe also has her own range of lashes and they look beautiful.

Finally Keris showed us some of the salons weaves and how to wear them. I am blessed to have a full head of thick hair so a weave is the last thing I need but they are soo good if you want that extra bit of volume or length for shorter hair. They are soo reasonably priced at £25 if you ever thought about getting one Keris is definitely the girl to go too.

Before heading home me and some of my girlies took full advantage of the ring light and we worked our best poses. I am one of the only bloggers I think that don't have a ring light but ... I have just put one on my Christmas list ;)

If you want to know anymore about the salon or any of the products Keris and her team do you can find her over at KERIS WEIR .

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

* Thank you to Ursula for the invite.
**I was kindly invited up to the event but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Galgorm Resort & Spa - A Little Luxury Treat

So I am sure if you live in or around Ireland/Northern Ireland you have heard of the Galgorm Resort & Spa in Ballymena. The complex is known for its weddings, spa, hotel and restaurant. I had visited the complex about 6 years ago but it has changed a lot since back then.

Soo when I was kindly invited to go and have a look around their new Thermal Spa and restaurant I'm sure you can imagine my excitement.

So last week I set off up to the Galgorm resort where I met some of my other blogger girls, we headed into the newly renovated thermal spa, as soon as you go into the gardens there are beautiful trees and bushes giving a tranquil feel to the place.

On opening the doors you are greeted with a luxurious spa smell, that just makes you feel all warm and cosy inside. We were shown to the thermal spa reception and given a locker key where we were told robes and slippers were waiting for us.

Myself and a couple of the other girls were thoroughly under prepared and hadn't brought any swimwear with us. I thought we were only having a look at what was available however we were actually aloud use of it.

Being a bigger girl I was expecting the robe to not fit me, and I was correct. It is such an embarrassing feeling but my friends are soo nice and they went and asked the reception if their were larger robes available.

Yayyy I got a robe that fitted me, all be it a floor length extra thick one, I felt like the rest of the gang :)

So onto the evening itself, we all went to the Orangery where we were greeted with drinks and canapés and met Tara who talked to us all about the refurbishment and also their new treatment partner BIOEFFECT.

Galgorm resort & spa is the only place in the whole of Ireland North and South that you can find BIOEFFECT. We got a run threw of all their products as a facial demonstration was taking place. Their products are from Iceland and focus on what the skin actually needs using as little ingredients in the products as possible.

Then over to the spa dome-shaped restaurant Elements. The dome is 1 of only 6 in the world, and when you walk in it is decorated beautifully, so relaxing and calm just like the feel of the rest of the spa. We were treated to a gin making class where we learned how to make a 'Gin Daisy' and then got to try one... oh my they were delicious.

The chef had cooked us up some amazing food that was a mix of healthy yet lovely. We even got some cute little desserts. I could honestly have stayed in the dome forever, I even joked about moving in... seriously though it had such a homely cosy feel to it.

The rest of the evening was then ours to go off and enjoy the thermal spa how we wanted. As I didn't have my swimwear or a change of clothes with me I couldn't go swimming or use the Jacuzzis or hot tubs, though they looked fab. I was gutted, BUT I did make use of their snow cabin! Yes that's right a snow cabin eek.

I love snow and anything chilly so me and my girls headed straight into it and had such a giggle, of course we took loads of pictures strutting our best poses, it is freezing though so we didn't stay in too long. We then headed outside to the fire pit for a little bit more posing and to heat our self back up.

As the night was coming to an end we made our way back indoors where some of the girls decided to have a little dip, I however decided to take a seat on one of their heated seats and just relax!

On the way out we were soo very kindly given a little gift of a spa candle and a sample set of BIOEFFECTS along with a little offer for all of you lovely people :)

To make use of the offer and get a free glass of prosecco and spa gift with any 90 minute signature treatment. Valid Monday - Thursday throughout October and November quote 'Spa September Bloggers' when booking. To book contact louise by emailing her at

I came away feeling soo thankful to have been given the chance to have a look around, I came home and told my other half all about it and we both quickly decided we need to go back. Their are some fantastic deals on at the minute and you can check them out over on the website (HERE).

If you are looking for a luxurious treat for yourself or for a friend I cannot recommend the Galgorm Thermal Spa enough.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

Friday, 1 September 2017

West Coast Cooler Fashion Week Launch

Last week I was very kindly invited to attended the West Coast Cooler Fashion Week Launch in the fabulous Bullit Hotel in Belfast. I want to thank Cathy Martin of CMPR for the invite, as it was an amazing day.

I have never been to fashion week before so I had no idea what to expect, I have always loved fashion but was never at any fashion shows or anything to do with fashion, so I was so lucky to attend the 24th season launch.

I decided to go for a wide leg jumpsuit with a bright flower design. I went for flat sandals for footwear and kept my makeup simply with some browns and golds. For my hair I got it curled and to stick with the flower theme I had a flower accessory clipped in.

I met up with some of my blogger girlies and we headed into the venue, I had never been to Bullit before but I have to say it is a fantastic little spot and I will definitely come back. We were greeted on entrance with a lovely refreshing glass of West Coast Cooler.

Me and the girls then had our photo taken and had a little look at some of the yummy treats on offer to try. We then went and found the perfect spot just before the show started.

Some of the outfits were out of this world, they were stunning. Their was a mix of the latest and upcoming trends with loads of reds, burgundy's, metallic, glitter and velvet. Autumn/ Winter 2017/2018 is going to be seriously stylish!

There was a range of different brands and designers on display at the show. Some were high end fashion and other pieces were high street fashion. I really liked this as it catered for everyone.

The pictures down below are some of my favourite looks from the day :)

As you can probably tell I adore pink, velvet and metallic. So I was delighted to see that these will be the upcoming trends to carry us through Autumn/Winter.

The show itself was fabulous, I really enjoyed it and it gave me a little fire in my belly to focus more on fashion, I have covered it a little bit on my blog but was always a little scared to put myself out there, but thanks to Cathy Martin I am definitely going to blog about fashion a lot more :)

Not only were we all treated to a fantastic day, on our way out we were all given a goodie bag bursting with products from varies brands such as Evian, West Coast Cooler, Pop Notch, Alfaparf, Lavazza coffee, Glenisk, Ballymaloe and Ruby 67 Boutique.

I came away feeling fantastic and if you can I would highly recommend popping to some of the upcoming shows. For information on the shows and tickets you can find it all HERE.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx