Sunday, 28 August 2016

Tourism NI Cheese and Beer event

Hello Diamonds

A couple of months ago, I was very kindly asked to attend the Tourism NI cheese and beer event,  which was held in the Spaniard Bar in Belfast.

As I am not a beer drinker and I was driving I asked could I possibly bring a plus one and was delighted when they said yes. So I decided to bring along Christopher (my other half) who loves a beer from time to time, so thought he would be perfect for sampling the products.

I had very stupidly got the wrong venue, so had an embarrassing moment in the Europa asking for the event to be told nope I was in the wrong venue, quick check of my emails and realised it was in the Spaniard lol, I then had to leg it across Belfast city centre at rush hour to the event.. 

However, me and chris made it, all be it a couple of minutes late, looking very sweaty and warm lol.

We were greated by the lovely Ciara who had asked us to the event and told to just go and mingle and try out the different cheese's and beer's on offer.

Christopher tried a drink called the 'yardsman' which is a double stout brewed in Belfast. He said it had a coffee taste, with a slight resemblance to Guinness, however tasted fresher and not as heavy. He also mentioned that you could taste that it had been brewed a lot longer than the average stout. Christopher was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was, but did say that half way down when it started to get to room temperature it wasn't as nice.

The ingredients used in making the stout

A freshly pulled pint of yardsman
After trying yardsman, we went over to the cheese tables to try the varies cheese's on offer. There was a couple of different companies displaying their produce from Northern Ireland.
The first cheese we tried was Kearney Blue from Kearney Cheese Company. I rather liked this blue cheese and I usually don't find blue cheese overly appealing. It wasn't hard but wasn't soft it was just perfect. The taste was not overpowering like a lot of blue cheese's are. Christopher also liked the Kearney Blue. In his opinion it would be delicious with a cracker. 
Kearney Blue
Some info on Kearney Blue Cheese

Next up we tried some cheese from fivemiletown creamery. The people who represented the company were unable to attend the event, however they had a table set out with samples and info for people to take with them. I tried a couple of different cheeses but wasn't overly impressed with them, they just tasted like shop bought cheese, nothing stood out in them.
Farmageddon Brewery were also in attendance and had a wide range of their craft ales available to sample. Christopher tried a sample of all the varieties Farmageddon make. His favourite was the double pale ale. He said that it had a soft fruity taste, that wasn't overly strong. He thinks it would go well with a steak pie as it has a slight kick to it.
Christopher's favourite craft ale
A selection of ales from farmageddon
It was a really enjoyable event, and I learnt so much information about local produce. I think it is great to support local companies and I will definitely be purchasing from some of these companies in the future!
If you want to learn anymore about Northern Ireland or any upcoming events you can find more information at discover northern Ireland.
Lots of Love...
Victoria xx