Monday, 2 March 2020

Back To What I Love!

Hello Everyone

I know I say it all the time but sorry I haven't been on here as AGES. I'm not even sure if people still read blog posts, but with the way social media is going at the minute I decided I wanted to get back to writing and having my own little space on the internet.

So many things have changed in the blogging world at the minute, Instagram and other similar sites are definitely taking over. Companies now don't want big long written posts but instead want a fancy picture and very little words about their product. My issue with this is, I never see said product ever used again and I wonder was it really as good as I was made believe. I have fell into this trap and tried to make my feed look like everyone else's … But.. Its just not me, I'm happier doing my own little thing and not worrying about if the colours match or if it fits my theme at that time!

I guess you could say I'm over it all, I barely go on to watch stories and rarely make stories either, I just cant be bother with all the fakeness and lies that is on it. I know some people love it and find it a great output but for me I need to think on my own mental health and when people are on saying they are always there for you, yet watch you daily and know your struggling yet cant be bother to ask how you are, but will happily message you for their own gain, aghh I just need to stop and put ME first. 

Whewww it felt great to get that out there, to write it down and just get it off my chest! I am going to focus on me, my needs and my health and if that means taking a step back and focusing on writing rubbish on here to make me feel better then that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I started Dotty Diamond as a hobby, as a release and as something to take my mind off poor health, I however got sucked into the world we now life in, the fast paced, crazy world where people want to know every single little detail of your life and for me that's not what I want. Dotty Diamond is now coming back to help me out of a horrible patch in my life at the minute, where I can sit down, chill and write about what I love and don't love at the minute …

Until Next time ..

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Kiss Glam Fantasy Nails

If you are anything like me you love going to the salon and getting your nails done. It could be a gel polish, extensions or just a good old polish. However with one thing and another its not always easy to go, from things such as time and money my nails often take a back seat and are left looking yucky.

That's why when I discovered Kiss false nails my trips to the salon no longer matter and I don't have to worry about yucky nails. Kiss have soo many different styles and shapes of nails there is a style to suit everyone. 

They have long, short, plain, painted and lots more. I was kindly sent these beautiful special fx nails which feature some matte, shiny and glittery nails. The colour of them is just stunning, it is a lilac purple that screams my name. 

Kiss nails come in a couple of different application methods. They have glue on nails, pre-glued nails and then nails with pre glued dots you put on yourself. They are super easy and can be done in minutes.

I have put Kiss nails on in so many different places, from a travelling car to a packed bar. I love how simple they are and any one can apply them. I am terrible at even painting my nails and can put Kiss nails on in minutes and it looks like I have had them professionally done.

Another thing I love about Kiss nails is how they can help you out of them situations where you really want nice nails and don't have time or money to get them done at a salon. Should it be a last minute night out with the girls or that family wedding you forgot all about. 

I was kindly gifted this set of nails however I have purchased and used Kiss nails so many different times, they are so easy to find in shops and most chemists and beauty stores will stock them. They can also be purchased online. 

If you want nice nails, but maybe don't have the money or cant have them on for long periods of time with work etc, then I would definitely recommend picking up a packet of kiss nails and giving them a go.

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Leighton Denny - Best Defence Summer Dreams Hand and Nail Cream

I have always been a fan of Leighton Denny products as I use their nail polish and glass nail files but had never tried their hand creams. When I got sent the hand and nail cream I couldn't wait to give it a try, with being on so many different types of medication my hands get soo dry and sore. So I wanted to give this product a good test and use it for a couple of weeks.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. The tube has a beautiful bright bird print that definitely screams summer with the vibrant orange open winged birds. Compared to other hand creams this is one that you would happily set out to display and not tuck away in your drawer. 

Next up was the scent, it really was so summery it smells like all things holiday, with a fruity yet floral smell. It definitely stands out and doesn't smell like a traditional hand cream, I would actually say its more like a light perfume scent which leaves the hands smelling so nice that I kept smelling them all day.

The product claims "It smoothes, softens and refines keeping skin silky soft and hydrated". I can 100% say that it does exactly what it claims to. The best defence hand and nail cream left my skin so silky soft and hydrated all day, with continued use it left my hands nice and moisturised and no longer dry and sore. 

The biggest plus point for me with this product was that it absorbed really quickly and didn't leave that horrible greasy residue on my hands that a lot of other creams does. I didn't feel like I needed to dry my hands with a towel after because the cream hadn't sunk in.

I also was so impressed with how far a tiny little dot of cream went. I was scared that I would have to use loads of product to get my hands soft but a tiny pea sized amount covered my hand front and back.

This is yet another fantastic Leighton Denny product that I can't fault. It is now my go to and I will certainly be picking up more when I run out. It is available to purchase at John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique or on the Leighton Denny Website which can be found HERE.

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx

*Item was gifted to me for review, however ALL opinions and words are my own. 

Monday, 15 July 2019

Curvy Chic Bridal Store

What is the one big dream most young girls have? 

To be married is probably the most common answer! Well as a child and teenager I was always terrified of the idea of marriage and the main reason for this was my size.

I have always been on the larger size and you only ever see slim beautiful brides in magazines and on TV. You never see a plus size bride in magazines and this was always my fear as a teen that I would never be able to buy a plus size wedding dress. As I got older the fear stuck and when I met my partner Chris I started looking around for plus size dresses.

This was such a bad idea as there simply wasn't anything out there and I put the whole marriage idea to the very back of my mind and hoped it would never happen.

Thankfully one amazing lady noticed the issue us bigger ladies face and decided to do something about it. Rebecca Bryson is the founder and creator of N.I 's Curvy Chic Bridal, which is a boutique that caters exclusively for plus size brides. Rebecca started her bridal shop 3 years ago and traded from a house. As demand grew, Curvy Chic needed to relocate and Rebecca has just recently opened her first store in Belfast.

I was very kindly invited along to the launch party and got to have a little peek around the store before it officially opened to the public the following day. As a now bride to be all my worries and fears as a teen have now vanished and I cannot wait to look for my wedding dress. 

Curvy Chic Bridal is located on the Holywood Road in Belfast and its very easy to find, it also has parking out side the store and a car park to the rear so you don't have to worry about a big long walk to get to the store. 

The store front is just beautiful and has various bride and bridesmaid dresses along with mother of the bride/groom outfits in the window. Also on display in the store window is handbags and shoes. The shop looks nice and inviting from the outside.

On entering the store you are greeted with a nice large shop that isn't crowded or all squashed in. There is lots of space for us bigger bodied people to get around and not be banging into everything. This is a big plus for me as I often feel confined and claustrophobic in shops.

There are rows and rows of bride dresses to look through and they have a dress to suit all budgets, from a couple of hundred pounds to a couple of thousand pounds. There is definitely a huge selection to choose from. 

Curvy Chic stocks lots of different bridal dresses from brands such as:

Studio Levana
Michelle Bridal
Roz La Kelin
Pronovias White One
Venus Bridal
White Rose 

At the Launch we were shown around the new store and it is honestly so funky and cool. The store used to be an Ulster Bank and Rebecca decided to keep some of the original features and use these to make the store unique. One way this store stands out and is so very special is that the old bank vault is now used as a luxurious viewing room, so family and friends will sit in the revamped vault and the bride to be will enter to show her dress off. How awesome is that!!

Not only does Curvy Chic cater for brides it also caters for mother of the bride/groom and bridesmaids. There is a section of various dresses and colours and again prices to suit everyone. Curvy Chic's bridesmaid dresses range from a size 6-44. So you can sort the whole bridal party in one store.

There are bridesmaid and mother of the bride/groom dresses available from brands such as:

Penguin Designs
Curvy Chic Designs
Angel B Bridesmaid
Kristen Krig

Curvy Chic also has a selection of shoes, shoe clips, head pieces, bags and jewellery. The store really does have everything you need for that special day below one roof. I have now booked in to go up and try on some dresses and find the one and I cannot wait. The changing rooms are nice and large and easily accessible. 

Something I never thought I would be excited for was going to look for my dress but now I know I have such a huge choice of dresses and super helpful staff to guide me in the right direction that i cannot wait to get trying on.

If you are a plus size lady and are getting married, attending a wedding or even have a prom/special occasion and you need a fancy dress, honestly pop in and see the team at Curvy Chic Bridal and you wont walk away disappointed. 

You can find out more about the store or have a nosy over at the dresses on Curvy Chic website which you can find at Over there you can also book your bridal appointments. 

Lots Of Love..

Victoria xx 

Friday, 5 July 2019

I'm Getting Married

Me... Victoria Elizabeth Murray is actually getting married. I never thought I would ever be married, who would want me, who would want to spend their life with me but then I found my soul mate, my rock and my total world Christopher. 

How cringe does that not sound but its the truth. When I was growing up I was the type of girl who after 2 weeks of dating couldn't be bothered anymore and sacked it off, the thought of long term commitment scared the life out of me and I was happy go lucky. I thought weddings were rubbish and all a waste of money. 

Then after a couple of years with Christopher I started to think about our future and about weddings and how I dreamt of spending the rest of my life with him. We had talked about marriage and how we would one day get married but that was really it. We had never talked about where or how or anything like that. It popped up in conversation occasionally but it wasn't on my mind a lot. 

Roll on to February this year where Chris got down on one knee in the most special romantic way and asked me to be his wife. I couldn't actually believe it and thought it was all a joke but nope he was deadly serious and wanted to make me Mrs Shaw. 

I could not be happier and have decided to start a new little series over here on the blog going into detail about our relationship, proposal and planning so far. I also want to show some special little pictures of our journey. 

I have now turned into one of them girls who buys bridal magazines, constantly is online looking at wedding stuff and reading all the different wedding blogs, so I hope you will enjoy being on this little crazy journey with me.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

Monday, 29 April 2019

Summer is Coming... Swimsuits for Plus size Bodies

I'm sure you have all seen the adverts on tv 'Get your beach body ready for summer now' I hate these adverts as they imply that you have to lose weight and get in shape before hitting the beach and before summer. Rubbish! We all have a body and we can all hit the beach regardless of our size or shape.

As a plus size woman I understand how embarrassing it can be to even think about getting into a swimsuit with our arms and legs out but it really shouldn't be. We should be proud of our body and not hid it away. 

For years I hid away and when I went to the beach I would cover up in big baggy t-shirts and leggings and would be sweating trying to enjoy myself. I longed to just swim in the sea, or to sunbath and enjoy the nice weather. This was until a couple of years ago when I decided to buy a swimsuit for the beach and just see what happened. Well I can tell you that no one said anything, no one even looked my way and no one got hurt.

All that happened was I was able to go and swim in the sea, I was able to relax and enjoy sunbathing without overheating in my baggy clothes, and most importantly I was able to have fun and enjoy the sunny weather.

Below I have went threw some of the leading plus size stores and picked out 10 fabulous swimsuits and swimdresses I think will flatter all body shapes and sizes. Why not go to the beach this summer, go on that special sunny holiday and rock out the swimwear no matter what size you are!

Yours Clothing
Navy Tropical Swimdress

Yours Clothing
Black & White Monochrome Polka Dot Print Swimdress

Simply Be
Joanna Hope Wrap Swimsuit

Green Palm Print Halterneck Swimsuit

Simply Be
Open Mesh Plunge Swimsuit

Tropical Print Multiway Swimdress

Simply Be
Magisculpt Navy Stripe Sculpting Swimdress

Simply Be
Figleaves Curve Malibu Swimsuit

Yours Clothing
Blue Floral Print Cold Shoulder Swimsuit with Frill

Navy Blue Floral Bandeau Swimsuit

What was your Favourite? Do you prefer something colourful or something plain?

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx

Thursday, 25 April 2019

No7 - Hydra Luminous Moisturising Foundation Review

I am always on the look out for new foundations. My skin changes so much that I have tried almost every brand of foundation out there, but I always come back to one brand and that's No7 from Boots. 

When I seen that No7 was bringing out a new moisturising foundation I new I had to pick it up and try it. What I especially love about No7 is that they colour match your skin using a special machine that tells you what shade is perfect for your skin tone. This is perfect for me as I am pretty pale like most of us Irish/Northern Irish people, so I don't have to worry about getting a foundation that is far to dark for my skin tone and makes me look orange. 

Moving onto the foundation. I picked it up in my local boots for £15.00 and it is a 30ml tube. I was glad to see that it is in a plastic tube instead of their glass bottles as it means when you get down to the end of the tube, you can cut it open and get every little drop out!

The Hydra Luminous foundation claims to 'give a flawless, natural finish and a healthy all-day glow'. Lots of foundations claim this and just leave me looking shiny, so I couldn't wait to see how this left my skin. 

I applied the foundation with a damp beauty blender, and a very little product went a very long way, if it was a pump bottle it would have been 1 pump for my full face. The consistence of the foundation is pretty runny but it applies soo easy and dries in pretty quickly too. However I was able to apply my whole face without it drying in and being unworkable. 

The coverage is medium to borderline full, you can definitely build it up to a full coverage without and issues. It didn't look cakey or stick to any of my dry areas. This was a big thing for me as my skin has been soo dry and sensitive at the moment I was worried it would go flaky, but it went on beautifully and soo easy to blend. 

It definitely gives a natural finish to the skin with a dewy glow. I didn't look sweaty and greasy I just had a lovely glow that was in fact very natural. I received soo many compliments on how nice my makeup was and how healthy my skin looked when wearing the foundation. 

It wore of really well too, I had slight break up on my nose but that is totally normal for me. Usually my cheeks would go patchy too but this foundation stayed put all day on my cheeks. It was also extremely moisturising and didn't dry out my skin. 

The Hydra Luminous Moisturising foundation definitely lived up to all its claims. I would go as far to say this is one of my all time favourite foundations. I also have wore the foundation for more than a month so this isn't just first time luck it has applied and wore the exact same with every application. For the price I don't think there is anything out there that compares to this foundation for me at the moment. I have actually just ordered my second tube.

Have you tried this foundation yet? If you haven't and are looking for a new one I would highly recommended you pick up this one and give it a go.

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx